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WPS has been working under the Spanish sun for 20 years.

Within Spain, WPS has established a working relationship with many local partners.

With Correos, the main postal provider within Spain and covers all main mailing objectives that relate to individual mail items, Direct mail, post packages and publications. We have established ourselves as a reliable and informative option into the Spanish market.

We collaborate with many partners in the Spanish market and can offer alternative solutions to your mailings. Working with distributors in Madrid we can offer a cost saving mechanism that covers all formats and services in junction with Correos itself. All determined by region, data, weight, and quantity. Supplied with a local look indicia at the most cost effective solution, best suited to your needs and requirements.


Direct Mail to Spain

Cost effective solutions can be achieved for any Direct Marketing campaigns, into Spain by choosing WPS.

We would be happy to offer a flexible and cost-effective solution in Spain, which is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We would arrange a detailed portfolio and address your data into the correct regions and cities to maximise the savings into Spain.

Allow us to collaborate with you, rather than for you and utilise our access points in Spain and Madrid and offer the most cost-effective resolution to any of your mailings.

We have extremely competitive solution outside Spain for all formats. We will sort and deliver your mail based on your data, to achieve and deliver the most cost-effective solution and inform you accordingly with measures to achieve that.

Individual mail

Individual mail to Spain

Cost effective campaigns, certainly require, solutions that are not with our partner Correos.

We offer differing alternatives that would suit and provide you with an alternative narrative
and offer further or greater savings using our other partners within the EU framework and
still maintaining quality of service.

Zakelijke post Spanje


Periodicals/Magazines to Spain

WPS has all the necessary experience to send your periodicals or magazines into Spain.

Our knowledge and experience can offer fundamental savings.

Regardless of whether it is a few items or a larger portfolio we can incorporate your requirements into the Spanish postal network.

Working within various partners and offering flexible parameters with alternative suppliers like La Poste or Austrian post, we can offer a savings for your publication requirements into Spain as well.


Parcels to Spain

Our exclusive mandate with a certain suppliers within Spain, would be able to offer you
potential savings.

If you can offer a detailed information with, weights, volumes, dimensions and format, we would be able offer significant savings for you. Working with Correos and alternative suppliers will enable you to achieve significant cost savings.

With smaller volumes we can still achieve and offer cost savings with our inexpensive bulk contracts.


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