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Austrian Post

WPS and Austrian Post – Partners for nearly 20 years

As within in all other European countries, WPS, has built up a long-lasting and valuable
relationship in Austria with the national and only postal provider, the Austrian Post.

WPS understands the Austrian postal market through and through. It is important as specific rules and regulations apply to your business postal items in Austria.

For many years, we have been providing business mail for many satisfied customers, such as Dutch rental companies, producers of promotional gifts, publishers of magazines and direct mailing houses and advertising agencies.

They take advantage of our contract agreements with Austrian Post and thus enabling a way to guarantee themselves the most cost-effective shipping solution.

Always reliable, cost-efficient and carefree!


Direct Mail to Austria

Austria has specific regulations and rules for sending your direct mailings campaigns.
WPS has a unique relationship with Austrian Post and based on that understanding we can take care of your entire mailing campaign and allow you to concentrate on other matters, while we save you money.

We are guaranteed to send your direct mail to Austria a lot cheaper than anyone else. Our
competitive bulk contracts with Austrian Post, lay the foundation for this promise and you can hold us to that.

The tariff structure in Austria is very different from that of other countries.

Rates are not issued for the country, but rather for specific cities, regions and areas around the cities and the countryside as well.

We will first provide you with a regional analysis of your data files with Austrian Post and thereby, offer you the exact and most competitive rate going forward. You can count on reliable and carefree handling. From bundling the letters to the preparation of address details and
accompanying documents to the possible transport and delivery of your shipment.

That’s a comforting thought!


Individual mail to Austria

Austrian Post does not offer you the most cost-effective solution for sending your individual business mail to Austria.

That is why we can offer you informative and cost-effective solutions utilising other networks through our alternative contracts within the EU.

Aiming to achieve the best solution that is tailored to your needs, we can ultimately use other EU networks into Austria that is efficient, dynamic and cost effective.

Effectively, delivering your mail, just like in all other countries, will eventually be delivered to
the delivery addresses in Austria by the national postman.

Giving you the assurance that we can possibly save up to 40%, using our services and network.

Zakelijke post Oostenrijk


Periodicals to Austria

Our credo for all your business postal shipments is; we do it differently, just as
reliable but always much cheaper. And that also applies to the dispatch of your
periodicals or magazines to Austria.

Our credibility with the Austrian Post, is that we can do it differently, reliably and in
a more cost effective manner into Austria.

We can offer alternatives and solutions into Austria that offer savings accordingly.

An example is we utilise a French network in some cases that allow us to offer
savings into Austria that extremely cost effective and with a premium service.

These are benefits that you can benefit from tomorrow.

Postal Parcels

Postal parcels to Austria

Do you send business parcels to Austria. We can handle all quantities, small or large in volume. We have the best contracts within the EU postal network to service your needs utilising our substantial network, we can offer you multiple and efficient solutions.


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