Royal Mail

Royal Mail, it takes two to tango..

Royal Mail is the only nationwide postal service provider in the United Kingdom and therefore our most important partner throughout the UK.

Thanks to our competitive contracts with Royal Mail, we can offer you competitive rates for distributing your  international mail into the UK. Royal Mail has a variety of postal products that are based on detailed specifications, per mailing such as (quantity, size and weight), per region and destination. Allowing for effective distribution and transit time expectations at the most cost-effective rate and delivery solution.

WPS, can also offer multiple transit opportunities over to the UK, that would suit your requirements.


Direct Mail to the United Kingdom

UK regulations for the delivery of direct mail are very specific. Data files need to be administered
with the upmost integrity. Service required will also determine the colour of the mail bags and
transit times accordingly. All mail to the UK requires that extra attention to detail and further
discussion. But with WPS, you can be assured we will always offer an informative and reliable service into the UK as we have done over so many years.

Mixed Mail

Mixed mail to the United Kingdom

It’s always within our best interest to offer you the most cost-effective pricing and offer the most reliable service. WPS, offers multiple distribution channels for mail destined for the UK. We can access various EU routings into the UK or even with certain UK partners.

Zakelijke post Engeland


Periodicals / Magazines to England

WPS has many years of experience in sending magazines and periodicals. Experience shows that through cooperation and direct contracts and with reliable international distribution partners, we can always offer a fast, efficient and economical alternative for your shipment to the UK. Whether it concerns a few dozen pieces or runs larger than 10,000.


Parcels to the United Kingdom

WPS also always offers the best and cheapest solution for your postal parcels. From a few dozen business postal parcels destined for England, we treat these as loose mail. So you can always and permanently benefit from our very interesting volume contracts.


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