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WPS is at home in 'La douce France!'

France is a vitally important country for WPS. After all, France is home to many large
international companies.

For almost 20 years, we have been applying ourselves in France to a great many
customers over the years, scheduling, informing and delivering.

Providing cost alternatives and delivery information in various formats for multiple
clients. We can proudly offer solutions for all your international mail requirements
into France.

Whether it be transactional mailings, direct mail, Periodical or even postal packages.
We are efficient and informative, as to your mailing requirements into France.

La Poste is always the main provider in France, our established and working
relationship endures and we are able to offer incredible savings across all mailing
formats and packages.

With large volumes or bulk items, we can certainly offer significant cost savings
going forward. Our unique relationship has endured for over 20 years, and we can
certainly offer insight, and alternatives for your product mailings.

Naturally, we would work with you and inform you of all the needs and requirements
for mailings into La Poste. We would tailor your proposal as per your requirements
inform you of alternatives and delivery options as per your requirements.


Direct mail to France

La Poste has many possibilities to distribute your Direct mailing in France in an
efficient manner. Offering multiple services and advice within the guidelines that La
Poste offer. We would be able to offer the most competitive rates accordingly.

At, WPS we know all the dynamics and understand all the alternatives and as such
can offer significant savings or offer an effective solution. For smaller and low weight
items an alternative distribution service with La Poste can be administered with a simple delivery solution and arrival noted with a delivery date.

For larger shipments over 10,000 pieces and with a heavier weight, a service can be
applied specifically to your shipment that is more cost-efficient. This requires specific
sorting from your database. WPS has years of experience in this to help accommodate you with this and with no problems or issues.

Sometimes sending your direct mailing campaigns that is over (3000g) .We can accommodate a cost narrative for the heavier or larger item as well.

On a personal note, we would be happy to discuss all possibilities and parameters. It
is within in our hope that we can offer the savings and for you apply or offer those
savings to the next campaign or customer.

Single mail

Single mail to France

Naturally we would offer the most cost-effective rates with La poste. But, we can also
offer alternative service through a differing network into France utilising networks
through the Netherlands or Belgium, for the last mile to be accordingly delivered by
La Poste and so achieve a more cost effective framework.

Zakelijke post frankrijk


Periodicals/Magazines to France

In France, magazines are extremely popular. If you have magazines to send to
France, whether as part of a larger international distribution, please ask for our
advice. Whether small or large, WPS guarantees you reliable delivery and major cost
savings. We have been working together with reliable distribution partners at home
and abroad for many years.

Postal packages

Postal packages to France

With smaller numbers of business mail packages and the final destination being
France. We can treat the individual mail and thus let you piggyback on our bulk
contracts. From 400 pieces we can also send your mail items as 'Libre' mail.


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