WPS and la Poste Italiane – a Solid Partner.

Poste Italiane is the only postal provider in Italy. Over the years WPS has created, nurtured and maintained a unique relationship with the Italian postal service across all service and requirements.

We have distributed many mailings into the Italian postal service and across all
formats. Our understanding of our working relationship with the Italian postal service, will offer alternatives and understanding going forward. Covering all aspects
of regulations and sortation optimisation.

Therefore, we can accordingly offer calculated discounts and the most cost-effective
solutions to your individual mailings. Our solution and objectives, would require detailed information with regards to the wight, data, dimensions, volume and
service required.

Based on criteria such as sorting, weight, dimensions, speed of delivery and
transport requirements, we can offer you the best solution that guarantees the
most affordable solution.

Whatever kind of business mail you may wish to despatch.


Direct Mail to Italy

WPS handles and distributes large volumes of material into Italy, such as Advertising, Marketing and publication material. Working with various advertising agents and mailing houses we often find the end client is working with WPS accordingly.

Whatever the quantity, you can be assured WPS will always endeavour to find optimum routing at the most cost-effective solution.

Our competitive rates start with a minimum of 100 items per mailing. However, if you are
considering sending over 5000 items, Then, thanks to very exclusive contracts with several
distribution partners, we can offer you with 100% certainty a rate that is by far the lowest in the market.

Thereby, offering a substantial savings for all inbound Italian postage. Should you consider WPS, we can detail, inform and create a solution tailored to your requirements that includes handling of Data in accordance with the various sort codes and apply bundle codes as well as inform on the address layout. We do all this for YOU!!

We will then provide you with all the necessary  documentation and materials, as well any transportation needs that may be required.

We are in essence working for a carefree solution.

Individual mail

Individual mail to Italy

Sending individual mailing items via Poste Italiane can be very expensive, that is why we can offer, smarter and more cost-effective solutions overall and huge potential savings.

Again, we utilise our contracts and various networks around Europe, as it may be more cost
effective to utilise the Netherlands or Belgian post options into Italy. There-by gaining a cost-
effective solution to your individual mailings and requirements and those savings to be utilised elsewhere.

Zakelijke post Italië


Periodicals to Italy

If you have periodicals that are part of a larger European element into Italy. Please contact us. WPS can offer a variety of solutions and as part or whole for all publications that include Italy.

We utilise various European contracts and suppliers both in and out of Italy, to obtain the best solution for you.


Parcels to Italy

We offer effective solutions that are considerably cheaper than shipping via the standard postal operators. Whether it be a few items or not, we can offer a programme that offers a cost effective solution utilising Dutch and various local partners.


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