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WPS shows you the way in Scandinavia.

Scandinavia, is complex and sometimes inaccessible, complicated and expensive. This is the natural flow and understanding when sending any mail to Scandinavia.

That is why, it is especially important within, these Northern countries to collaborate with a
reliable Dutch partner and ‘signpost’ such as WPS. We have gained years of experience and therefore know the market very well.

Scandinavia has many suppliers, providers, and distribution networks in its postal market. That makes the market opaque and exceedingly difficult at times.

It is difficult, for outsiders to gain a clear insight or narrative into who the national postal
companies are and what possibilities there are.

Moreover, the Scandinavian postal market is very inward looking than outward looking. This makes finding the right solutions and supplier  information frustrating.

In addition, it should be noted! there are some (national) postal companies deliver across the borders to various other countries. Please note, some countries within Scandinavia are not part of the EU yet, hence the added complexity in dealing with this region.

However, with over 20 years of experience. WPS has the access, knowledge, and insight,
enabling us to offer a uniformed proposal. We have access to various portals and suppliers and within, service regions.

With our years of experience, we can offer you the flexibility, cost savings and service reliability going forward. All based on a tailormade distribution plan, that requires information for each mailing that includes, weight, volume, countries, service, and transportation.

We can do it all and offer the best tailored solution to any postal campaign.

We can also offer alternative solutions that incorporate a local look solution using various networks within and out of the Scandinavian network.

Without the use of WPS, postal options in Scandinavia can, become an extremely expensive affair.  Allow us to prevent that.

It is within WPS DNA to always find the most affordable and reliable solution for our you and your customers. So, you can  continue to benefit from the best price narratives we have
available, thanks to our bulk contracts with our postal partners.


Your business mail to Scandinavia.

Without WPS, sending business mail to Scandinavia can be expensive.

Where it concerns Individual mailing items like Direct Mail, magazines or parcels, you can count on WPS to always find the most affordable and reliable solution for you.

For all shipments to Scandinavia, again we can offer a more cost-effective solution through various EU postal networks like the Dutch Postal service.

All formats and sizes will to be considered, as we have done for countless customers over the years. With that added solution you can often achieve great cost savings and deliver a satisfying result to you or your customer.

That is the ‘win-win’ solution that we are always looking for.

Try us and evaluate us for no obligation quote.

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