WPS shows you the way in Germany

The German postal market is complex and intricate.

The official mail deliverer Deutsche Post.

Germany has many alternative distributors for the delivery of your international mail. Deutsche Post has very strict rules and regulations for the correct delivery of your mail.

DP are very strict and precise with the way the mail should be presented. WPS can offer various alternatives into Germany utilising locally based networks in conjunction with DP itself and offer cost effective mechanisms for all mailings into Germany.

If its quality and re-assurance what you are looking for then WPS, will achieve all that is required to Germany.

Direct Mail

Send direct mail to Germany

WPS has proven to be dynamic and informative, specifically with its Direct Marketing campaigns to Germany, with over 20 years’ experience.

We work with many companies directly and with mailing houses across the EU and UK. Offering alternatives that are cost effective and reliable and often achieving some great savings of up to 48%.

Achieving these cost-effective reductions and with a reliable service is based on very specific
information required. The weight, volume, dimensions, data, service, delivery date and area are essential in tailoring your requirements for a cost effective, reliable and informative service.

Based on specifications such as numbers, weight, size, shape and your wishes (or requirements) regarding the look & feel of your mailing, delivery date, distribution area, we determine the most cheap and effective solution for quantities under 4000 pieces.

Losse Post

Send single-item mail to Germany

Deutsche Post is a very expensive solution for sending individual mail.

WPS therefore opts for distribution via other networks in Germany or sometimes even by letting you hitch a ride on our advantageous contracts via other European countries.

That may sound a bit unusual, but it is much cheaper and extremely reliable.

Because in the end, your mail will always be delivered neatly and in accordance with the agreements by Deutsche Post itself at its final destination.

Zakelijke post Duitsland


Postpakketten naar Duitsland versturen

For postal parcels in low numbers, from a few dozen items, we can treat them as loose mail. You therefore always benefit fully from our extremely advantageous bulk contracts with postal parcels.


Send periodicals and magazines to Germany

Whether small or large quantities, WPS also promises reliable delivery and significant cost savings for the dispatch of your periodicals to Germany. We have been working for many years with reliable distribution partners at home and abroad.


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